Our website just gives a small selection of the myriad of styles we have in the shop. We stock sizes 8-22. We hope that you are able to pop in to see our full collection. Like us on Facebook to receive news of some of our latest deliveries and special events. (click on the logo at the top) Also check out the About us section for some of our "Real Life" wedding pictures from past customers. 
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Opening hours Monday-Saturday 9.30-5.30 
Modern style from casual jeans to exciting cocktail dresses and everything in between. Oui bring us great day dresses, some are ideal for business wear others great for less formal occasions. Click on the images to enlarge >>, 
Style 63246 On trend tartan blazer £219 
Style 62752 Black and white sweater £139 sale £99 
Style 61700 Black and red print sweater £119 sale £79 
Style 62643 Decorative cable stitch with pearl stud decoration £159 sale £119 
Style 61705 Light grey knitted sweater £119 sale £79 
Style 62900 Black and red tartan trouser £139 
Style 62830 Black and white Prince of Wales check trouser with sport lux detail £139 
Style 63927 Chunky tweed jacket £249 sale £199 
Style 63299 Alphabet print knitted sweater £119 sale £89 
Style 63370 Jumper dress in grey and navy with contasting floral print £165 sale £119 
Style 63982 Short dress jacket in Ottoman fabric £219 sale £189 
Style 62938 Black sweater with contasting Prince of Wales print on the back £119 sale £89 
Style 62727 Black and red rib detail jumper £139 sale £89 
Style 62632 Grey nordic sweater with gold trim £139 sale £89 
Style 1536111005 Versatile Mixed printed scarf with floral, houndstooth and stripes £55 
Style 63119 Compact, elastic fabric £159 
Style 62790 Midi Prince of Wales check pencil skirt with zip detail and sport lux trim £145 
Style 63733 Black washed out jean with rivit detail £149 sale £99 
Style 61692 Violet ribbed knitted sweater £99 sale £69 
Style 63977 Red knitted jumper with high neck £119 sale £89 
Style 61263 1241005 Fine Striped blazer  
Style 61194 Textured jumper with striped cotton sides and tie back detail  
Style 61341 Super chic tshirt with 3 different patterns patched together 
Style 61306 Elegant tie sleeve shift dress in navy £119 sale £49 
Style 61370 1240105 Balloon sleeve chevron jumper  
Style 61884 1240705 Contrasting Print Blouse  
Style 0062100 Retro look Stripy knitted jumper  
Style 0029184 Baxtor jeggin in red in slim fit  
Atex Diamond Print T Shirt  
Style 0061337-5270 Quirky shirt/blouse in forever blue  
Style 0061191-On trend sporty mesh bomber jacket  
Style 0061226 Feminine outdoor jacket £99 sale £59 
Style 61939 1240605 Feather print t shirt  
Style 0061891 Statement striped blouse  
Style 0061645 Striped jumper with button detail  
Style 61285 black and white jumper with large gingham print and mesh detail £145 
Style 60823 Black and white bouclé jacket £239 sale £189 
Style 60650 On trend striped cardigan with heart detail  
Style 60812 Prince of Wales check trouser with zip detail £119 sale £69 
Style 60684 Sporty jumper with mesh detail in black £99 sale £69 
Oui 60643 Stunning black meets white in a chessboard design jumper £125 
Style 0061934-0991 Animal print jacquard dress  
Style 60671 Fabulous floral print jumper with striped back £139 sale £49 
Style 58187 Slinky sleeveless dress in blue and white £99 
Style 60679 Chic gingham turned graphic heart print jumper in black and white  
Style 61684 1210104 black sweather with volant sleeves 
Style 61578 Tropical floral print top in navy £69 sale £29 
Style 61662 1240104 Black and white striped sweater with animal print detail  
Style 61396 Super wearable textured jersey blazer £149 
Style 62087 Trousers with knitted gallon stripe £129 sale £49 
Style 60003 Stylish leopard design blouse £109 
Style 61355 Casual bomber style cardigain in nightsky navy £125 sale £79 
Style 59999 Fabulous animal print box shaped jumper in dark orange and grey £99 sale £59 
Style 60056 Cable Knit Sequin Detail Jumper in a soft cream with gold £99 sale £69 
Style 60062 Oui dark orange jacket with fur lining,reversible £199 sale £99 
Style 57770 A wearable lightweight tunic top in cherry tomato orange 
Style 60227-3786-Deep red shift dress with 3/4 slit detail sleeves £195 SALE £79 
Style 59031-4570-Waffle patterned jumper in plum with boat neck and rolled edges £89 
Style 60062-2-in1 reversible jacket with hood in cerise £199 sale £99 
Style 59772 Oui woven jacket in classic black £199 sale £99 
Style 59629 Stunning cerise knitted jumper £145 
Style 58849-4570-Modern day dress in gorgeous plum! Elegant shift dress with a detatchable belt £149 
Style 55345-5222-Fine knit jumper in mustard and dark blue stripes £59 
Style 59435-Ottoman tunic in dark navy with a round neckline and 3/4 sleeve also available in red £119 sale £49 
Style 60022 Oui dark grey skirt elegant dark grey pencil skirt £129 
Style 57224 This chic wearable wrap dress is in a soft metallic grey marl £129 SALE £49 
Style 60227-5772-Navy shift dress with round neck and lined pockets £129 
Style 59051-0575-Multi coloured jumper in blue mix £89 
Style 29184 Baxtor jegging in classic black slim fit £115 
Style 57916-Oui Floral dress Fun and flirty dress in a vintage floral print £149 sold out 
Style 59038-0579-Highlight jumper in dark blue and grey with contrasting knit pattern on the back £119 sale £69 
Style 58556-0905-Chevron stripe jumper in light grey and navy £119 
Style 59623 Oui black and white sweater with stripes and spots £89 
Style 59739 Fabulous and cosy cable knit jumper with asymmetric hem in black £145 sale £89 
Style 0051644 Baxtor jegging in navy £115 
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